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Composite – White Fillings Los Angeles -


los angeles -  white fillings

Metal Free!

Metal fillings are a thing of the past. Only composite, white, metal free fillings are considered the highest quality for dentistry in Los Angeles - !


You no longer have to fear smiling with a mouth full of unattractive metal fillings! White fillings are the most natural appearing solution to repair small damages while reinforcing and stabilizing your teeth! Now you don't have to sacrifice beauty for function!  Composites are metal-free fillings that are directly applied to your tooth after decay has been removed.


This procedure restores the original strength of your tooth while allowing replication of natural ridges and cusps for chewing and grinding! Don't forget that white fillings come in various shades of white to completely blend into your natural tooth color! All in all, white fillings are more practical, attractive, and efficient than metal fillings that will only benefit you and make you proud to smile!