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Dental Crowns Los Angeles -


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At Dentalville in Los Angeles - , dental crowns have been used to fill in gaps and missing teeth for many customer's smiles for generations. Unfortunately, the common crown is not as natural in appearance as the rest of your teeth. This is due to light  hitting the metal inside the porcelain cover of your crown, instead of the letting light passing through like a normal tooth. The result is an opaque looking tooth that will eventually leave a gray line under the gumline due to contact with the metal lining.


There is good news! Dentists have found a way to revolutionize the dental crown that eliminates these side effects! By using a crown that is entirely made of porcelain, dentist are now able to fill your gaps and missing teeth and have the results look entirely natural! Porcelain allows light to pass through just like a normal tooth, and will keep the shine and not leave unwanted gray lines under your gumline. Your smile will look completely restored to it's natural beauty with porcelain being the highest quality material that can update aged fillings and renew your entire smile!