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Why The Priced Right Dental Plan?



These days in Los Angeles, dental work for families or individuals can be very expensive. Do you need dental work but have lost your benefits? Did your employer in Los Angeles drop your dental insurance plan leaving you and your family without important coverage? Do you need immediate emergency dental care but are worried about the cost? Then Dentalville, a dental medicine practice has the solution for you!

What are the advantages of Priced Right Dental Plan in Los Angeles?

Save 30% to 80% on exams & x-rays, complete cleanings, dentures, root canals, dental crowns, pediatric dentistry & more
Save 25% on all work done by a Dentalville Specialist including Oral Surgery, Periodontics and Orthodontics
Save up to 50% off all cosmetic procedures including Dental Veneers and Dental Implants 
• Full Dentures are also available at significant savings to all members.




Single Member - $69.00


2 Family Members - $95.00


Family Plan - $125.00


Sample Fee Schedule Below