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Patients in dental offices all over Los Angeles - have wondered: What are Lumineers®?  In short, Lumineers® are a revolutionary product that includes no drilling, shots, and absolutely no pain! Lumineers® comes with the fastest technology to replace ordinary veneers that can take several dental visits, and reduce that time to only two visits!   

Ordinary veneers are required to be inserted individually which, depending on the quantity, could take hours. Fortunately, with the help of LUMINATE in LUMITray® technology, your dentist could place your Lumineers® all at once in just a few minutes! The process is easy: your first visit is comprised of taking a mold of your teeth, then offered to pick a shade of white for your new smile.  While you rest comfortably at home, your Lumineers® are constructed then ready for your dentist's inspection.

Finally, you come in for your second visit when you're able to give your stamp of approval before the transformation, then PRESTO! they are easily inserted onto your teeth to complete your new smile. Lumineers® are even reversible which allow them to last around twenty years varying per client, during which you will never have to get teeth whitening again! Lumineers® are nothing short of a miracle for patients in Los Angeles - . Lumineers® from Dentalville will become your new best friend that will save you money long-term!