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Dentalville offers both adult and children’s Orthodontic Services in their Los Angeles and locations. After children loose their baby teeth, their adult teeth don't always grow in at straight angles. This can cause problems with biting, chewing, and make dental hygiene more difficult. Other conditions that can occur, which orthodontists try to correct are overbites and underbites which are situations where either the upper or the lower teeth overlap the other incorrectly.  These conditions, that both children and adults face can all be corrected with orthodontists using braces.

Benefits of Orthodontics


First impressions are important in our society, and much of that relies on how confident we are about ourselves. When you look in the mirror, you should be proud of what you see so when you walk out your front door, you can show you're ready to take on the world. For anyone who feels they have something to improve about their smile, orthodontics is there to help you with long term results. Sometimes only a minor flaw in the front of your smile is enough to prevent you from sharing it with others. There are many benefits to orthodontic treatments and there's always a solution when it comes to perfecting your smile! Dentalville is your best solution for permanently straightening your teeth.


Treatment Time & Cost

Different cases vary based on person to person. Depending on age, location, and the severity of the necessary work. Typically, treatment time could last between six months to six years, with an average of one year and four months. With new state-of-the-art technology and the knowledge and experience of the Orthodontist, treatment times have been known to accelerate and become more consolidated. The cost depends upon the client's choice of braces and the length of treatment.

The Procedure


Braces may not be suitable for every patient based on several determining factors. Therefore, the first course of action is to set up an appointment with a Dentalville Orthodontist in Los Angeles or to see if braces are the right choice. If braces are appropriate, then a records appointment is set up for taking X-Rays, molds, and impressions. After the records are analyzed a proper course of action is plotted and the preparations begin. About two  weeks before the braces are applied, spacers are required to spread the back teeth apart in order to confirm enough space for the bands.

The teeth that are to be braced receive an adhesive to help the cement bond to the surface of the tooth. Next, teeth are banded and then brackets are added. A bracket is applied with dental cement, and then cured with a UV light until hardened. Finally, an archwire is threaded between the brackets and connected with elastic or metal ligatures.  Brackets with hooks can be placed, or hooks can be created and affixed to the archwire to connect the elastic to. These days elastics are available in a wide variety of colors to add style and character! Every month or two, the archwires are tightened to achieve the final results for a perfect smile. 



Retainers are customized for each client after the removal of his/her braces. The retainer is usually worn at night to help keep the teeth from shifting within the first few months after the braces have been removed.