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Periodontal Scaling Los Angeles -


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Gum disease in Los Angeles – is a serious problem. Periodontitis is a serious infection of the gums and the major cause for tooth loss for adults in Los Angeles - . Gum disease develops slowly caused by tartar and plaque built up around the teeth and gums. This disease eventually causes the gums pull away from the teeth and become red, swollen or tender and bleed while brushing. Other symptoms include: loose teeth, bad breath, pus between teeth and gums, and a change in the way the teeth fit together. All of this occurs without the addition of pain, which makes it even more difficult to detect unless spotted by a professional dentist.


The best way to treat gum disease is with periodontal scaling, a process that includes removing the excess tartar and plaque that cause infection around the gumline . This is not like your average cleaning, it make take one to several dental office visits depending on the condition of the gum disease. Once the unwanted tissue is removed, root planing smooths the root surfaces, which helps the gum tissue heal and reattach to the tooth. Our dentists believe if you keep up with your daily oral hygiene and come every six months for a deep cleaning, you will help prevent the necessity of this procedure and this disease from ever occurring.